2 definitions by Big Shaq 1

Gosport a town full of smoking school kids that brag using their daddys Range-Rover!Weed is easily bought and a local airport lets drug dealers escape quick!Full of instagram chavs that are instagram beasts and all fake a souther accent.
I live in Gosport.
by Big Shaq 1 January 14, 2018
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Is a sad drug dealers paradise with a population of 50k wedged in the middle of the NorthWest 50% of people are sados that will stab u for a bag of chips.25% are elders that have cancer and the rest are nerds that play xbox. Accrington is like an Ebola infecting nearby towns with chav disease only Baxenden has escaped.It is full of school kids with drug dealing fathers that will play knock a door run on your house,smash ur window and scratch your car.
Im from Accrington.
My mum got stabbed in Accrington
by Big Shaq 1 January 15, 2018
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