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The presence of large, usually dark, areolas the size of saucers or small plates on a male who has big, floppy, hairy man boobs. These areolas are big enough to choke a donkey or give a small infants stretch marks, were they to attempt to feed from these monstrosities. Commonly possessed by football players in the PAC-12 who weigh 300-plus pounds, have black locks, and tons of back hair.
While Bif is enjoying a Mai Tai poolside, he spits out his drink when he notices a defensive lineman from USC sauntering up thunderously wearing size 6XX swim trunks with his huge areolas fully exposed. "Hey Skip, check out that dude's man boobs. I mean, he has some serious Texas-sized gorilla nipples."
by _Beaner_ November 15, 2016
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Noun - Having long droopy nipples that hang down and point to the floor. Usually on a male. Often abbreviated to "GN".
Upon seeing a shirtless man with gorilla nipples you exclaim, "Oh shit! GN is in the house!"
by zenscribe July 06, 2006
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When a person has nipples that look like you are able to mold them like you would with Play-Doh (usually small but pointy)
"Dude I saw this guy the other day who sculpted his gorilla nipples so well that they looked like bananas hanging from his tits."
by Eisenhower Tursnick August 27, 2011
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