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a term used by "Snookie", a co-star of the popular ( in 2010 ) MTV reality TV show 'Jersey Shore'. "Gorilla" refers to a big, muscular guy, and "juice head" refers to steroid use (juice is the street name for steroids). So, Snookie is always on the lookout for a 'Gorilla Juice Head' to take back to the MTV Jersey Shore home, even if it is being filmed, to have casual, one night stand sex with.

Interestingly, she wants a well built, tan, good looking guy, yet she happens to be a chunky, unattractive little dwarf -- something you would normally see at a carnival freak show at the turn of the century
Snookie: "I am going to find a Gorilla Juice Head tonight at the club, and come home and get it in!"
by finksburgSteveM October 09, 2010
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Jenni's (J-Wow's) description of a seaside jock who is a heavy user of steroids and growth hormones. Usually massive in size and typically guido-like in appearance.
Jwow: "check out that Gorilla Juicehead steroid multiple growth hormone user over there snooki"

Snooki: "omg i wanna bang him so bad!"
by Juicehead #1 February 13, 2011
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