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A race of creatures that were created in the movie "Small Soldiers". They are the protagonists in the movie along with Adam. They fight the commando elite led by Major Chip Hazard. Their leader is Archer.
Archer: I am archer emmissary of the Gorgintes.
Random Gorgonite: You are our leader. lets go to Gorgon.
Archer: Shut up, slave.
by youpoopalot February 27, 2009
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A synonym for the word trou. The term "gorgonites" is used to reference an elite race of women who tread the grounds of West Point. Easily spotted by their heavy footsteps and large nature, gorgonites are feared by male cadets, who use them only for homework assistance and sexual escapades. The leaders of the Gorgonites are given names corresponding to the action figures in the movie "Small Soldiers".
Hey Gorgonite, would you care to help me with my math homework?

Watch out, here comes Slamfist.

Dang, the swim team is made of a lot of Gorgonites.
by The Trou Club October 24, 2010
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