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meaning PRIDE and some other cool stuff because men with this name are attractive, powerful, brilliant, talented and posses awesomeness beyond belief.
I bet I could kill that monster if I was Gorav.

I want a Gorav type of guy.
by cloie1234 February 04, 2010
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The fucked up cool pimp`= OH so west side baaaaby=
look at that cool pesron right there gotz to be gorav=
by beecee-qt March 15, 2005
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This is wrong pronunciation of gaurav which means pride . These people are known for their stupidity and idocity. They are big threat to society and should be exterminated on sight.
Shit dude! I just saw a gorav
*Both commit suicide in horror*
by Joe0ghatoooooo July 28, 2019
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