Gettin in your mode in rapping,spittin game to a chick or being savage or being in a semi permenant state or being a goon
This boy making a $100,000 because on the track he be goonin
by Young Reaper Daniel Lock March 2, 2010
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To listen to instrumental rap beats loud in your car while your bros are hanging out the windows bangin mailboxes with baseball bats.
Guy#1: Dude what happened to all the mailboxes on this street?

Guy#2: Last night I heard rap beats roll by, them boys were Goonin.
by CheefnFeef October 27, 2011
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A gay little homo that likes to snake around the map on cod ghost, otherwise known as GGA - "Gay Gambling Addict." One time he went to starbucks and asked for a PENIS Macchiato Iced .
by AH HAH HAH July 19, 2019
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to be acting in an otherwise foolish nature after getting high
man 1: Whats wrong with you man? This blunt ain't done

man 2: Naw man that thing got me goonin.
by D Rizzle April 28, 2007
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To literally pummel a female that you want to get close to
I was goonin out on my girlfriend last night because she didn't want to suck my balls.
by gordon oshea April 3, 2009
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Created by a very high college student, it is used to describe someone who is very tall, thin, and lanky, and also has red hair.
John: "You seen Brad today?"
Jeff: "Is that they guy who's goonin'?"
by OrchestraPfeiffer October 16, 2014
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