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1. Small child below the age of 4 who possesses one or more of the following characteristics:Extremely cute, unquestionably innocent, and always happy. Most often chubby in the face although there are exceptions.
2. Any kind of small animal. No further classification required except that said animal must invoke feelings of unadulterated joy and/or an overall sense of temporary nirvana.

3. Pretty much any other living creature or giggly stuffed animal that makes you want to poke them in the belly/pinch their cheeks/pet them/steal them.
4. Don't be alarmed, the "steal them" reference in definition #3 is not meant to be taken seriously by friends or family of goomster enthusiasts, as it is often overused and the act is never carried through.
Coversation between Ben (a goom') and his Aunt.

Ben's Aunt: "Ben are you tired?"
Ben: ............................................."yes."
Goomster Enthusiast passing by: "Oh my god he's such a goom I'm gonna steal him!"
by Goomstar July 19, 2010
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