When two people suddenly employ a fake conversation to avoid someone within earshot from hearing the previous, private conversation.
Soo my mom walked in the room when I was talking with Jim about the massive amount of Smirnoff's we downed on friday, and I had to make a quick coversation with him about an english paper.
by sorad101 May 27, 2008
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When you talk to someone in bed. Usually after sexual relations. Otherwise know as pillow talk it's capable of making relations great or making yourself look like a total idiot.
I was having a great coversation with my girl last night and I ruined it by accidentally comparing her to me ex.
by big_boy_BoNFiRe December 14, 2010
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Guy 1: Hey man why dont you come on over here and Coversate for A MINUTE.
GUY 2: sure man just dont be talking bout no drama
by White Fresh February 21, 2007
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the conversation you have with your sleep mate about whether or not you want the covers up and other bed related affairs
I can't stand Rondah's new quilt! We had the longest coversation about it last night.
by Badmotherfucker Jones May 14, 2007
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