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An Asian girl or woman who dates/marries outside her race. Trying to be cool like a white girl or black girl to fit in. Or trying to advance their financial situation/career. The trend is popular since the late 90's when black men and especially white men who find Asian girls easy to pick up. Usually you'll see these girls every where, on tv, internet, porn movies, bars, clubs, school campuses. Hated and despised by white girls and black girls who see them as a threat and hated by Asian men seen as filthy disgusting race traitors who use their bodies as cum dumpsters. This term was developed by the GI's beginning in the Korean War when they would go to South Korean brothel whore houses and these filthy gook whores would service them. The term really took off during the Vietnam War when gook whores serviced many more GI's thus giving birth to ugly half breed children called AmerAsians etc. that nobody wants. Gook whores got a bad rap as desperate Asian women who are lost and have no pride or self dignity in the Asian community and live outside the margins of Asian society being disowned by their families and friends. White men and Black men who use them confess to loving them only for their "exotic" features, basically for sex.
Michelle Malkin is a fucking gook whore.

That Asian girl at the club dates only black guys... what a gook whore.

I've seen many gook whores during my time in Thailand.

That gook whore thinks I love her. I'm just fucking her for the moment.

That gook whore took my man. Fuck that fake ass wannabe white bitch.

Coco Lee is a great singer. But she married a white guy so I now know she's nothing but a dirty gook whore
by KeepingItReal2011 October 28, 2011
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