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One who is proficient at the use of Google to search for things, and who's usually extremely fast at it.
Person 1:"Hey, did you hear about that new game?"
Person 2:"Yeah, here's the screenshots link"
Person 1:"Holy crap dude, i've been looking for these all're a beast of a googleologist!"
by Swayz0r5000 April 11, 2007
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One who conforms to the beliefs of the Church of Google, that is that the search engine Google is the closest thing to an actual god.
Marcel: "Hey Koops, did you know Google has its own religion? You should become a Googleologist"
Koops: "okay."
by Marceli September 08, 2007
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A person that is never wrong. The source of their knowledge being Google and Google only. No matter the subject matter they base their option or angle on the first post of a google search. Practically committing plagiarism in doing so.
Lori: Jane is such a Googleologist!
Tom: Why is that?
Lori: She literally repeated the first Google hit back to me as her own knowledge.
by neuspeedescort May 27, 2018
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Someone proficient at studying google and appearing to know everything. A person who rushes to google to answer everything.
Hey regina isnt jeff a genius, he knew every answer at trivial pursuit.

That fool is a googleologist, he was getting the answers from his i phone.
by padawamedic June 11, 2010
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