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Openly mocking ignorance which could easily be remedied by a simple Google search. Typically passive aggressive and deadpan, Google shaming is often missed by the recipient.
John: Where can I find a free PDF converter?

Jane: Uhm... OK. Have you tried... like... Google?

Dave: Wow Jane. Nice Google Shaming.
by Aube Wucherpfennig November 06, 2013
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In addition to shaming a commenter who could have easily Googled an answer themselves, instead of asking and waiting around for someone to do it for them it can mean...

Shaming someone for using Google to understand something, or as the basis of their research. Just because you didn't get it from JSTOR doesn't mean it isn't a valid place to do your research. It's about thinking critically about your sources, not just the ease with which you got them. Don't Google Shame.
Person A: I have an opinion on a subject in which I am not an expert because of the things I have Googled...
Person B: Google isn't a fuckin degree, yo! Your hardly an expert!
Person A: Duh, get outta here with your Google Shaming. I can still be an educated, multi-faceted person who can form an opinion, yo.
Person B: Why don't you kill yourself and leave the opinions to the people who actually do this.
Person A: fuckin internet comments. *sigh*
by bean, trivia queen October 31, 2016
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