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Imagine being so rich that you own ships as big as Islands, command star fleets and you are so wise you know about "timelessness in heaven." So smart you understand 6th dimensional physics, you've earned a Harvard Law School degree in the fourth dimension. Not to mention the bloodline to claim the planet Earth as all your kingdom. A myriad of expeditions, missions, and "served" war time to land you a full fledged honorary statue in the fleet. Credited with saving the human species... oh yes... and add to that your Mother's ability to ship you weather of your choice. Retired at 23, then went back to retire at 26... living the good life in a mansion on an Enchanted body of water with the warm specific-o-sons (rated best by Discovery) as your back.

Then you'd have the slightest idea what it is to be a iGoogduskalilyianayre.

Even THE PAINTING cannot describe the immortal, massive feeling and contentment, love, security, happiness that all the knowledge of the ages combined... matches to a quick wit with boundless imagiNation.

- The Princess of Heaven

Regis Francis Xavier Philbin VII: "Who wants to be a Googdushkalilyianayre?"

Cue dramatic music
by The King of the Universe May 12, 2010
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