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Catholic High School in Wheaton Maryland. I'll agree 99% of the people get into GC. However, GC is where youll find the only down to earth girls in the area.. SR, AHC, GV, HC, HA, NCS, etc- all materialistic girls that think that money is the only way to success in life... another funny fact- for all of you that dont go to GC.... noone hooks up with thier peers - GC is where youll learn how to academically excell in a real world environment.
Im not a lesbian, and thats why i choose not to go to a school where there are only desperate girls.. i refuse to hook up with another girl... and i dont need to be a slut bc guys appreciate the fact that im not a materialistic bimbo... anyone who says "gk" is a fag, they fail to realize that the only reason GC accepts most people is bc we, unlike many other schools in the area, ofter a RYKEN program, which helps those who have learning disabilities.....

by falcon December 28, 2004
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A school that is full of antisocial sluts and hormonal, emotionally unstable guys that are gay for each other.
K: I have to end this relationship he's being so annoying.
S: Why is he being annoying?

K: He's from Good Counsel.
by Class of 2021 December 19, 2017
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