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A person who is so high that they cannot focus, function and slurs speech and/or passes out periodically
"Look at Pete. He has smoked so much pot he is Gonth"

"She was gonth-totally fell on the bed like a dead donkey"
by Ashez2012 January 06, 2013
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"Gonth" where I come from means, a person that is too focused on something, and he does not care about anything, he is not fair to his opponent, as long as he achives his goal, he is going to be a dirty cu*t, he is going to do everything to win... (It is usable in video-games) (a word "Cunt" is more used for this term)...
Me: "My opponent had a glitch in a game, so he could not control the character!"
Someone: "And did you kick him off the server, so he would not lose a game because of the glitch?"
Me: "No. I killed him 8 times, he was asking me to kick him, but I did not. So he forfited later..."
Someone: "You are such a gonth."
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by DaRealGonth February 11, 2017
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