The gongoozler prefers the pitch black of night. It lurks in the deep end of perfectly normal pools (or oceans) that have only been heated for two hours. The gongoozler will heeeeeeeh swim up to you, take you by the toes, and bring you down down down into the frothy depths. The tail of the gongoozler is considered to be a mighty relic.

If you see a shadow in your pool at night, it may be the shadow of the gongoozler. If you have ever heard the call of the gongoozler you know death is coming. Memento Mori, friends. 33: 11: 51: 11
Mark better watch out swimming around in his pool at night, or the Gongoozler might grab him by his toes and drag him to the depths...dragging him further beyond.
by ChirpyDragon October 11, 2020
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The Gongoozler is a newly discovered cryptid, first documented in a video posted by the YouTube channel, Unus Annus operated by Mark Markiplier and Ethan Crank Game Plays. The Gongoozler is a creature known to inhabit any body of water, so long as it is during the night time. The creature drag its victims to the depths to drown them by their toes or tootsies. The Gongoozler is a crafty and dangerous creature, it tricks its victims into going deeper into the water, by challenging them to go "even further beyond". Even avoiding the water will not keep you safe, as the Gongoozler has detachable tail, and can move on land as easily as in the water. You know it is too late when you here the unearthly screech of the Gongoozler singing your death song. Possibly the only way to escape your fate, would be to retrieve the Gongoozlers tail, known as a mighty relic, and return it to the Gongoozler and beg for mercy, however no one has yet successfully attempted the location and retrieval of the tail. The only known footage of the creature can be seen in the you tube video titled, Mark Conquers His Fear of Night Swimming. it is also theorized that the Gongoozler may be an aquatic relative of the phycological entity known as "HeeHoo" as seen in the stunning documentary video available on You tube titled, Hunting HeeHoo, and that, like HeeHoo, the Gongoozler is not a creatue, but a state of mind that causes degeration of the human consciousness.
If your too deep into the sea, the Gongoozler will heeeeeeeehh swim up to you, take you by the toes, and bring you down down down, to the frothy depths.
by Hyacinth_Pendragon October 12, 2020
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The Gongoozler is a nocturnal cryptid know to dwell in Mark Fischback’s swimming pool. It plays with its prey before pulling it under the water and devouring it. The most documented instance of the Gongoozler is in the footage captured by Unus Annus, shown in the video, “Mark Conquers His Fear of Night Swimming”. The footage will eventually be lost forever.
The Gongoozler will swim up to you.. take you by the toes, and bring you down, down, down.. into the frothy depths.
by heeeeehhh October 11, 2020
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A carnivorous being that dwells in any type of watering hole (or pool) with the appearance of a mermaid. It will toy with its prey for hours until it feels ready to strike. Before it attacks it lets out a haunting cry that many fear.
M: "My biggest problem with, night and deep ends in general, is that, I see like a shadow...(points)"

E: "It's the shadow of the gongoozler!"
by Splarcie October 12, 2020
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A rabid Unus who lurks in the depths of pools. It waits until an Annus has entered its pool in the dead of night and attacks its toes.
"I happen to have heard the Gongoozler many a night. If you ever hear the Gongoozler's call, you know that death is coming...."
by Anichka October 11, 2020
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A person who idly watches the labours of others while declining to offer assistance or becoming involved. Traditionally a term used by canal bargees when referring to onlookers found clustering around locks and moorings where barges have to stop and the crew engage in sometimes hard physical activity to make progress.
"Don't stuff up at Five Rise Locks or you'll get a cheer from the gongoozlers"
by Gwiwer September 22, 2011
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The Gongoozler is an ancient beast from below the waves that can only be found at night. It's tail is thought to be an ancient relic. They say that to see the Gongoozler you must be blinded so that you may see again. If the Gongoozler tries to approach you, just kick it. Finally, they say if you hear the Gongoozlers call, it means death is coming.
Mark: What the hell was that?
The Gongoozler: G O N G O O Z L E R
by The Gongoozler's brother Dave October 11, 2020
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