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The gongoozler prefers the pitch black of night. It lurks in the deep end of perfectly normal pools (or oceans) that have only been heated for two hours. The gongoozler will heeeeeeeh swim up to you, take you by the toes, and bring you down down down into the frothy depths. The tail of the gongoozler is considered to be a mighty relic.

If you see a shadow in your pool at night, it may be the shadow of the gongoozler. If you have ever heard the call of the gongoozler you know death is coming. Memento Mori, friends. 33: 11: 51: 11
Mark better watch out swimming around in his pool at night, or the Gongoozler might grab him by his toes and drag him to the depths...dragging him further beyond.
by ChirpyDragon October 11, 2020
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