English canal network phrase. To walk along the towpath watching the boats go by.
I like to walk the dog and gongoozle on a Sunday afternoon
by Sally September 19, 2004
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A sexual term referencing when a male puts his genetalia in a females oral cavity after she has recently,or is in the process of, throwing up.
"duuude... that chick was crazy last night. Everything was going great until she asked me to gongoozle her. Sorry but i like my dick vomit-free."
by Duckhead96 July 5, 2013
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People who enjoy standing and watching (without actively participating in) an activity.
Look at that crowd of gongoozlers in front of the new showroom! Don't these people have any other work, than to stand and stare?
by Pinchi June 18, 2008
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To gongoozle is to get someone, usually more in an aggressive fashion. By "get" I mean kill, tag, beat up, but really it's up to you! However, it is widely known that if you do gongoozle someone too hard, that there will be repercussions. This variant of the word gongoozle is never to be linked with anything nsfw.
Friend 1: "There just around the corner!"
Friend 2: "Yeah! Let's gongoozle them!"
by natsumi's simp May 26, 2021
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Pronounced (Gone-goo-z-ler)

The first sighting of the Gongoozler happened in a episode on a certain YouTube channel featuring Markiplier and his loyal, adorable, beautiful friend Ethan. The Gongoozler is a creature that only shows itself at night, swimming in bodies of water and preparing its rubber fins/tail on land. People say that if you hear the Gongoozlers call that's a sign that death is coming. This statement is true. Although no cases have been officially recorded, the Gongoozler has killed many people that've heard its call. The people just didn't have enough of a life to be noticed when missing.
The Gongoozler will eat every last child you've birthed.
by Crak Adickt October 11, 2020
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The gongoozler will swim up to you, take you by the toes and bring you down to the frothy depths.
The gongoozler is about, to take another dive. For his next meal.
by October 11, 2020
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Beware Beware
For here hunts the gongoozler With it’s mouth like a toe snare

Making no sound

it will Drag u Down Down Down

into the frothy depths
Maybe if you Stanned LOONA your Mum wouldn’t have got gotted by the Gongoozler
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