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When an object bound to a shelf life, usually food, has past its use by date and is now stale.
Mam? The Milk has gone off.
Ah mank, this bread is moldy as feck. Sure must be gone off.
by Oats Gdankie September 16, 2013
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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Short for gone offensive.

When food expires it develops an offensive taste and smell.
Dan: You want some milk Jack?

Jack: No thanks it's gone off and I've not bothered to buy any more.

Dan: I'll go off on you in a minute.
by Words4herds July 01, 2019
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when you love somberly and it’s so easy to go back to them not necessarily meaning you want them
β€œ i been gone off rock since we broke up β€œ
via giphy
by luvaeod January 12, 2020
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