in spanish Lit means rubber. But in Belizean Creole it means "hang over".
Gial yoh me di lok like yu have goma
by el beliceno July 14, 2010
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A word (noun) used to identify a gramma that can do it all. The coolest gramma on the planet, who supersedes all other grammas. Everyone wishes they had a goma.
Grammy goma’s cookies are bangin.

If goma says I can, then I can.

When everyone else says no, get the goma approval.

Ain’t no gramma like my goma. .
by Boozit March 2, 2023
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A type of man that has brown eyes, dark brown hair, sexy legs, heavy, and well rounded.
Man I wish I could be a Goma
by Bigbellyross May 20, 2019
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Gallery of modern art, GOMA is where all the “goths” and “emo” people hang out. Lots of chavs go there now so some “goths” and “emos” go to car park.
GOMA chav: “Vicky’s a badyin

GOMA goth: “eny cunt got any eccies or acid?”
GOMA chav: *whitys*
by PoodlesXemos December 29, 2022
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place in glasgow where all the goths and skaters kick about
goth: wits kickin, who’s at goma today?
emo: me, am taking an ecto up there
jamie mcginlay: who’s got snout
vicky: me
skater: fuck up badyin vicky
by gomagoth April 10, 2022
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Used as e-mail signature when you don't want to receive any more stupid e-mails from the sender. i.e. instead of Regards, Unhinged use GOMA, Unhinged
by Unhinged April 7, 2015
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spanish for "gum"
mexican slang for opium
Nos gusta fumar goma
(We like to smoke opium)
by Felipe May 12, 2004
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