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A particular, horrible sexual term that can mean so many inappropriate things. Mainly directed to a girl eating lunch with a group of friends. The girl that the term is directed to is not personal, but true. It involves anybody using frogs to get high during sex. The frogs must be of high price hence to word "Golden". While high, the users, or user, will use the frog to fill any hole not occupied with the mans penis. Many frogs can be used more than once. The word "watch" does not mean seeing, but it actually means like a wristwatch. After experiencing orgasm, or more commonly known as, "Jizzin on dat hoe", you would wipe up the semen with the watch, and the girl would then slide the watch on her wrist and say, "This cum drippin down ma wrist is a signal for me to go. The frog must stay in, or on the empty "hole" until she gets in the car. That is a golden frog watch.
"Me and Jenny had the nicest Golden Frog Watch last Night"
"Im sorry sir, your wife died from the golden frog watch."
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