to insert ones extremities into someone elses orifices without the aid of lubricant
Chris leaned over to the misses one night and whispered gentely into her ear..'Brace yourself darling, im going in dry!'
by John Beretta May 24, 2006
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Vaginal or anal sex without lubrication, whether natural (such as from foreplay which causes vaginal wetness), or artificial (such as KY or Vaseline). This provides pleasure for the penetrating partner because of the tightness, but can cause pain for the person who's being penetrated, especially anally.
by Datch Guy June 30, 2022
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FSU will go in dry on Auburn in the BCS Championship game in 2014!
by AnnGee January 6, 2014
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When you don't study for a major exam or test
Im going in dry for the math exam.
by Poon Police May 11, 2016
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When someone says this, it means that they are warning you to bite onto a towel, because they are going to pound into one your holes, with no lube. They don't want you to be loud and start screaming because of their enormous cock.
Last night, Chris said "Bite the towel, I'm going in dry." I didn't know what he meant though..I was screaming so loud. I wish I had bitten the towel.
by shut-yomouth-batman-istalkin August 27, 2012
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