1. the act of concealing one's identity or remaining under the radar, i.e. trying to hide in plain sight
2. the act of explicitly harassing a coworker, using racial slurs and threatening extreme violence, similar to a bale out (must contain at least 2/3)
3. any threat to defecate in the mouth of a friend delivered via text message or voicemail ala Richie Incognito formerly of the Miami Dolphins
1. yo, have you seen Richie around?
nah, he's going incognito after some chick accused him of groping her with a golf club
2. yo, did you hear about Jonathan?
what happened?
apparently, richie went incognito on his ass and called him a n***** and said he'd kill him
what's a n******?
i don't know, they never take off the *s
3. dude, my ex just texted me she was gonna shit in my mouth
damn! what'd you do to get her to go incognito on your ass?
by afarb November 11, 2013
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