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To sexually pleasure oneself in a covert manner. Often done during vacations or when sleeping in a room with other people. Usually done under the covers. Requires great dexterity and usually only undertaken by elite fappers. Originated from the former Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito, who was known to masturbate profusely, though discretely, during football practice.
1. Samuel's girlfriend had been at a horse show for five days when his parents called for a surprise family vacation. With his sister in the room at the hotel, he was forced to Richie Incognito every night for a whole week.
2. Bored on the 10 hour transatlantic flight, Jabes Richie Incognito'd three times before his mother caught him and slapped him.
3. Richie Incognitoing is a commonplace at boarding schools.
by jecksta October 14, 2014
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