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What 15 year olds that think they have life hard do.

I will explain how this process happens.

step 1: Lay in your yard and think about all the things in this world that make you sad.

step 2:Find something beautiful, observe it intensely. Then destroy it.

step 3: find sufficient places to hide from bullies, who are often not only stronger, but smarter than emos, and that says a lot, because bullies are normally retarded.

step 4: Sleep like a bat, because being an emo also means you are magically a vampire.

step 5: Wear primarily black clothes to reflect the blackness of your soul. If you're not dark, you're not emo.

step 6: Turn off your brain on a regular basis, while staring at random objects, But try not to drool, because that's disgusting.

step 7: Express absolutely no happiness when taking part in otherwise enjoyable activities.

step 8: Take every comedy sketch on YouTube seriously and prove what a douche you are by responding angrily in the comments.

step 9: Rarely consume anything other than saltines and water so your brain shrivels to a near nothingness to increase how incredibly warped your perception of this world really is.

step 10: Have a mental breakdown and change how you look on the outside to actively reflect what degree of a social retard you are on the inside.

Congratulations. You are emo.
That emo kid is going emo because his house is too warm, and his bed is too cozy.
by Leppy. June 23, 2010
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