Formally Stated Godwin's Third Law is: For every mention of Godwin's Law, there will be an equal and opposite negative reaction. The statement means that in every interaction on the internet, where there is a pair of opposing opinions a reverence to Nazism or Hilter will be made, followed by some reference to Godwin's Law ; immediately followed in turn by a reference of Godwin's Law (see Godwin's Second Law) and then inevitably a further remark, usually made by a third party stating that Godwin's Law does not apply or that any mentioning Godwin's Law is somehow shouting down the argument . With each level ofassertion Godwin's law the BS level grows exponentially.
Third Party: Godwins "law" is really just an internet trend. It is NOT an actual law, nor is it part of actual debate or logic.
Forth Party: Ha ha! Godwin's Third Law - you lose.
by DaveSmith2013 February 25, 2016
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