Anyone who uses "woke" as a pejorative will turn out to be a fuckhead with 99% certainty. Godwin's Second Law was coined by Mike Godwin on Twitter @sfmnemonic on March 17, 2022.
Drawing Bayesian inferences after extensive sampling, I've determined that it's 99-percent certain that anyone who uses "woke" as pejorative will turn out to be a fuckhead. This is known as Godwin's Second Law.
by RedKnautilus March 23, 2022
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Many people know of Godwin's Primary Law; as an arguement becomes more heated, the likely-hood of references to Nazi's and/or Hitler increases. His secondary law is that; as the likely-hood of Nazi's and/or Hitler being mentioned in a thread, in direct reference to his Primary law, increases, so to must the chances of his own law being referred to. This will usually have little effect on the actual thread and will merely result in minor lulz.
Newfag: goddamn Nazi everyone knows Fullmetalalchemist is the most awesome anime EVAR!"111!!!!
4channer1: Lol Godwin's law, you lose.
4channer2: lol Godwin's Second law.
4channer1: LOL
Newfag: Wut?
by Roseveare June 17, 2009
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