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Possibly the most epic beat-em-up on the Playstation 2, featuring heavy metal musicians, ball busting, spanking, midgets, flying fat ninjas, flaming gay twins, high-pitched martial artists, and demons. Created by Clover Studios, who were also the great minds behind Okami and Viewtiful Joe.
My arm, my arm, my arm, my arm, my arm, my arm,
I'll summon up the power of the GOD HAND!
by Pukachi August 06, 2010
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The absolute best set of cards one can recieve in one's opening hand of a card game.
I got the god hand and won turn 1
by god child August 08, 2005
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A hand in the card game Spades or Bid Whist where the player can take all thirteen books.
Bill has a godhand over there. He's about to run Boston on y'all.
by Eldorado Red November 04, 2009
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Godhand /god-hand/noun, verb, godhand or godhand-ing.

1. The act of grasping; a seizing and holding fast; firm grasp using the terminal, prehensile part of the upper limb in humans and other primates, consisting of the wrist, metacarpal area, fingers, and thumb in order to stop ejaculation during sexual intercourse by interrupting the process of Cavernous nerve stimulation (Parasympathetic).

2. Using a godlike grip to stop from bursting during sex.
Phil felt the ever growing sensation of ejaculation closing in
so he slapped a godhand on the lower part of his penis in order to prevent it.
by Call me God September 27, 2006
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