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Where you pray to god to put a protective shield around your dong and if it fails you stop believing.
Discreet way of saying you aren't using a condom.
I prepared my god condom, but she ended up getting pregnant. I threw away my bible and no longer attend church.
Babe did you bring protection? ofc babe I got my god condom.
by GucciAdonis September 28, 2017
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1.A relentes promise of truth an utmost seal to promises, it equals "I swear" Say by any religious person.

2. A promise or seal of Truth/Bets.
Mexican 1. Jo man I ran like 3 miles today.

Mexican 2. Nah godspeed I don't think so.

Mexican 1. No J for real I was being chase by a dog.

Mexican 2. god condom?!

Mexican1. god condom.
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by The RealTruth. October 22, 2019
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