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Go-go dancers are ladies usually 21 or older who are hired to dance on stages or speakers to hype up and entertain the crowd at clubs or raves.
Go-go's are often called strippers (which can be offensive to Go-go's) because they often wear bikini's and dance bra and underwear on stage. They are not strippers, they are dancers. Many people think Go-go dancing is easy, but it's like any other type of dance which requires skill and is much different than just partying with your girls on the dancefloor.
Go-go's often wear covers over their boots called fluffies and fishnet tights.
Girl (1): OMG that girl has some insanely fluffy boots!

Girl (2): Oh! The Go-go dancer? Yeah. I'd kill to party like her in those fluffies.
by rawrrawrahahah August 03, 2010
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gogo dancers are people who like to dance in cages at clubs.
by lifezhard. November 04, 2010
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A person who dances in cags at clubs wearing almost no clothing or Slutty Clothing. This is also a Nicer term to call a stripper.

Note: That NOT ALL strippers strip off clothing. They also don't get naked unless Paid lots of money. But however get close to being naked. If you get paid to Gogo dance your a stripper regardless of were ,what or who your dancing with or what your wearing or doing to another person.
Martha, Is a gogo dancer who gets tips at clubs, dancing with men or women
by Damon69 August 09, 2011
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Kevin live on Stickam is the definition.
"Do a little dance, get down tonight."
"Help, I need a go go dancer to entertain me!"
by Sensual Chocolate August 14, 2008
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Guy 1: "Hey, will you look at that girl on the pole?"
Guy 2: "You mean the Go-go dancer? Yeah, she's hot"
by SuperTVAddict March 09, 2017
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