When Catholic father's(Bishops) use their dicks to inspect the nether areas of their supposedly celibate nuns,then it is referred as Going to Rome.
-The Catholic law require that Catholic Bishops keep their shit together and never to roll in hay with any of their nuns or anyone for that matter,but hey they don't sometimes play by the rules....from time to time,they screw their own nuns.
Jim-Jack,my father encouraged me to be a Catholic Bishop but I declined.I just am not able to Abstain man.
Jack-Go and be a Bishop bro...You abstain in public but behind closed doors,you Go to Rome with hundreds of sex-starved Nuns.Just use a condom bro.
by Titus rutto October 14, 2019
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Instead of going to Paris (threesome with two guys and a girl) it’s going to Rome because in Rome there’s only one pope (threesome with two girls and a guy)
Oh damn I think Sarah, Emily and Tom are going to Rome tonight, if you know what I mean.
by gingerbreadhoe March 1, 2021
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