to get high

originally all the the "get high" terms were taken until a group of 4 teen males from Huntington Park decided to make their own way of saying "we're gonna get high" without having anyone get suspicious.
Jimmy: "Hey what are you doing tomorrow?"
Mark: "I'm gonna go to Mars"
Jimmy: "What?"
by The Lazer Viking February 04, 2008
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Guy 1: "Duuuuuuuuuude, I'm going to mars on a one-way trip."
Guy 2: "Pass that shit."
by General Phaze August 13, 2011
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nibbas go to mars cause they behind bars. The people who descend African or Middle Eastern race, are prone to living life in prison, behind bars, but will end up saving mankind by going to Mars.
Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Boys go to Saturn to get more fatter. Nibbas go to Mars cause they behind bars.
by FashiLeon October 23, 2018
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