This is the little-known twin brother of "Go Fuck Yourself." However, the demand is slightly more humiliating and degrading -- as the prospect of getting fucked by some unknown force in an unknown orifice is much more unsettling than merely fucking yourself, or masturbating.

Can be shortened to GGF for brevity.
Steve: Blake told me you had sex with my sister last night.

Buck: Yeah, well you can tell Blake to go get fucked.
by jbarryd October 29, 2007
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A vague phrase with a meaning ranging from "Please fuck off" to "Viva la vida" to "An eye for an eye."
Used as a verb.
Person1: So why did you stop being friends with your homie?
Person2: Huge fight. Jerk took my girl.
Person1: That's betrayal. You alright?
Person2: He may have taken my girl, but I took his sister.
Person1: Way to go fuck and get fucked.
by Starlight Azure May 19, 2016
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Probably the most helpful suggestion you can give to someone you don't like.
So you don't like me? Ok, well how about you go and get fucked. Oh and you know what, even if you do like me, go and get fucked!
by kam75xx November 08, 2021
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