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To go bad, means to have a bad trip.

A person having this experience is in extreme discomfort, often being sure of dying within the next moments.

This phenomenon can be caused by, but is not limited to: taking too many drugs, combining drugs, depressive thoughts.

Bad trips can be prevented: never use new drugs by yourself and moderate your drinking when you smoke weed.

If you see someone who is going bad, try to comfort them by distracting them. More often than not, this occurance is harmless and merely a thought, that the person needs to let go off.
- Dude, you smoked a lot, are you good?
- No, I think I’m going bad.

- You should stop drinking and smoking weed, you don’t wanna go bad.
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by The Poorest Kid February 03, 2018
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To go off on someone.
With all that drama that girl is stirring up, she's lucky I don't go bad on her...
by Annoyedbydumbgirls January 19, 2010
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You are good at something but Also bad.
I am gobad at iMassage game.
by AMOSgurwinder8133 February 16, 2020
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