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if someone says gn instead of goodnight, they hate you. You did something wrong.
Gn babe
by Yeathetruthhurts July 29, 2020
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GNS - Ghetto Naming Syndrome. The ghetto trend of urbanizing a name.
by Pseudonym November 1, 2004
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Baddest 80's muscle car built!

last of the breed!
look at the fukkin GN go!

that GN is bad ass!
by _The Secret_ December 25, 2019
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Person 1: Hey gn wats up?
Person 2: Shut the fuck up you cracker!
by manchild September 13, 2004
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In videogames, when you completely and utterly destroy somebody, it is quite common to type GN in the chat. Meaning "good night".
xX_gamerman69_Xx: GN
by realshid May 6, 2020
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1- goodnight
2- another way of 14 year old girls saying "BYE-"
"I'm gonna go to sleep, gn!"

"I ate a child" "GN"
by ayzo February 20, 2022
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