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Glocktalk (also known as "GT") is a website dedicated to firearms enthusiasts and people that believe in the right to keep and bear arms. Forum members share knowledge with one another on all kinds of topics..not only guns but knives, survival, politics, religion, and even cooking. If you can think of a topic, it probably has it's own area on Glocktalk.
"Test results: Glock 17 and Federal 147gr on Glocktalk"
by Otis B Driftwood May 06, 2009
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1) An internet forum for enthusiasts of the Glock semi automatic handgun (otherwise known as Glockers) to engage in debate, exchange news, information, and disseminate knowledge and esoterica regarding the Glock semi automatic pistol.

2)An internet forum for enthusiasts of the Glock semi automatic handgun populated by Mall Ninjas, dateless wonders, police academy rejects, macho rent-a-cops with dominance issues, gun porn fetishists, obsessive compulsives with ridiculously repetitive questions about calibers, stopping power, and which gun is better, and people suffering from dangerously high levels of weekend armchair commando testosterone that obviate the salutary effect of all the Viagra they're taking.

3) A website where men talk about their guns like it's their children or their penis.

4) A website where men talk about "defending their families" but ignore the more pressing issues threatening their kit and kin like their irrational spending on guns, ammo, and "preps" draining funds from future educational opportunities, and ignoring their own health by forsaking exercise, eating poorly, drinking too much, and ending up with diabetes and heart disease. You can't defend your family when your on oxygen, weigh 400 pounds and can't afford groceries.
"I learned how to clean my Glock 19 properly at Glock Talk.

"Those guys at Glock Talk sure know about guns, but I doubt they know a damn thing about women."

"GET RID OF THAT NICKEL-PLATED SISSY PISTOL AND GET YOURSELF A REAL LIVE WOMAN! NOT A CLOCK!" - what Tommy Lee would say if he met half the guys on the Glock Talk Forum.
by BillyBobGunNut September 17, 2007
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