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Adjective - The amazing feeling of being high in the backseat of a car at night with friends on the way to get food with music playing and you're looking out the window
Person 1: Hey dude last night's hang was so much fun.
Person 2: Yea i was feeling so glize on the way to get tacos.
by Swan Piranha February 14, 2015
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1. glare with one's eyes. derived from Tyra Banks' favorite word, 'smize.'

2. stare at in an angry or fierce way.
I gave Tyra Banks a fierce glize.
Tyra glized at the girl who complained about having a bad photo.
by chatnoir January 20, 2013
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A clean and lightweight open-source JavaScript library for front-end developers.

As it claims, it provides the top, most-required functionality in a simple and obvious way and certain components and widgets may be easily built on top.
- Which JS library did you use for your web project?
- I've used Glize, and loved it.
by Undefined Event August 30, 2016
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