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1. A popular term used on certain Internet message boards for the soap opera Days of Our Lives. It refers to certain female characters who are regarded as saintly and the most desirable women in the town of Salem (where the show is set). Often, such characters are obviously not desirable by fans' standards and are, indeed, quite whorish or evil. Male characters are often blinded to these faults by the women's apparent saintliness (the glittery hoo-hoo) and are reduced to slobbering morons.
2. a term used for female characters on any other soap opera possessing the qualities of the glittery hoo-hoo.

*Glittery hoo-hoo is often abbreviated as GHH. GHH is a genetic condition that is passed from parent to offspring. Its effects in combination with the Filthy Dirty Whore, or FDH, gene are not fully known, but are being studied extensively.
Why is everyone so in love with Belle? Because she has a glittery hoo-hoo, of course!
by BoredomRocks February 26, 2006
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The combination of body glitter, or that sparkly deodorant and a
feminine hygiene product. In your purse. If you get glitter on it, then you're gonna have a glittery hoo-hoo. Also one of those sparkly stripper thongs.
That girl wore that stripper outfit to the pool to tan, she had a glittery hoo-hoo.
by Pork Tenderloin April 17, 2004
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