A protest tactic created by the Queer community in which individuals, often political candidates, who make discriminatory statements are showered in glitter by protestors. Recently, Occupy Wall Street has been using this tactic on 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates and in banks.
Ex. Michelle Bauchman was glitter bombed at a recent book signing, after telling homosexuals that her husband could cure them.
by Pixie17 February 6, 2012
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After you cum on a girl's tits, you throw glitter on her, then push her out into the street.
by rogerthewhale May 29, 2013
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When a stripper shoots glitter out of her snatch.
Dude, you totally just got glitter bombed by that stripper.
by 13Boss July 16, 2015
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When you tie your significant other up to the bed. Then you put primer on their face, the proceed to ride them. When you getting ready to cum pour glitter in you hand and then blow it in their face while your cumming.
Ayo Jungkookie why did jimin have glitter all over his face this morning

Ah Tae Hyung when I was riding him I hit him with a Glitter Bomb
by Kwoala May 3, 2017
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Gay variation on a pie in the face. Used to protest homophobic or anti-gay legislators by surprising them with a burst of glitter, which is very irritating to clean up.

NOTE: In this case, pie in the face is not a sexual euphemism but literal, such as the pie Anita Bryant's face got for her homophobic attention-seeking in an early precursor to glitter bombing.
His bill letting gay renters be denied equal rights has earned him a face full of sparkle. We'll glitter bomb him at the Divine Wrath Rally tomorrow night. And his little dog too. Muhahahaha.
by Viagra Balls February 13, 2012
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1. Defined as what explodes inside a strip club and causes an individual to realize that they are covered in glitter as they leave the establishment.
2. (Noun) In reference to an individaul engaged in an occupation where wearing glitter and little else is encouraged.
Me and the guys went out last night; by 2:ooAM it looked like a glitter bomb went off.
by Hans G. July 5, 2005
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When a gay man dips his penis in a vat of glitter and then shoves it down his partners throat and yells "Bombs Off"
Glitter Bombing has caused Sarang to stop hanging out with Mayur.
by Gdoggg27 June 21, 2011
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