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One engaged in an activity causing him or her to look like a fool or pathetic loser. Short for struggler.

Note: Can also be used in the expression "TGM" short for total gler move
"Did you see she spelled the word wrong on the shirts she printed for everyone?"

"What a gler"
by Glernation August 26, 2014
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Gler was a young lad from Long Island. His real name was Zach but nobody cared about that. To everyone he was Gler. For some reason he would say nothing but Gler, and every word he uttered ended with the suffix "-ler." Therefor, normal conversations such as "How about this weather?" would turn into mental shitfests like "How about this weatherler? Gler!" Nobody liked him, and he had a penchant for talking about some guy who always blew his load way too early (preamler).

His most redeeming quality is his mother, who is super hot. She is known as Milfler.
Gler was bragging about how many winglers he ate, but we ignored the little fagler.
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Both the sticky mucus produced in ones throat when faced with something displeasing and the noise one makes when faced with said something.
"oi, want some of this?" Said Thomas
"Gler! yuck" Said Hayley
by pants_the November 02, 2018
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