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The "diverse school" home to the richest, and the ghettoist kids in montclair public schools. Parents send their kids there to either "diversify" them, or becuase they dont care, and its close to there houses. Glenfield Park is one of the biggest "crack parts" of Montclair. Its also the poor area, so a lot of poor kids go there. They have 2 security guards on each floor, and fights happen often. 1/2 the kids there are on crack, and the other 1/2 are rich brainiacs who plan to follow their parents foot steps and attend an ivy league school. Glenfield and the other Montclair public schools are considered to have a language... I am soo souped!! or GIVE ME MY DOUGH. Its an amazing mixture of the poorest and richest kids in New Jersey. Most of the rich kids end up going to Montclair Kimberly Academy, or other local private schools
Oh My God!! Glenfield Middle School is soo ghetto.

I just got in a fight today...someone stole my crack
by i<3montclair December 24, 2009
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