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Rival school to Glenbrook North, GBS kicks GBN's ass at pretty much everything. Especially football, since GBN decided to drop out of the district league because they couldnt win any games. Plus GBS actually has a few black kids. Glenbrook South is also known for throwing down sick rages. Home of many lax bros, the ultimate lax bro was inspired by this school.
-Yo bro, hear about Glenbrook South party last night?

-Yeah, it was a total rager
by The Brantford Winstonworth January 24, 2010
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1. Mostly white. Filled with Mexicans. You'll be lucky to spot a black person.Too many Indians and Asians.

2. Better at football than Glenbrook North.

3. Located in Glenview, IL, northern suburb of Chicago filled with white people.

4. Won a grammy for choir.
Kid: Hey wanna play I Spy in my Glenbrook South yearbook for a black kid?

Kid 2: Sure, but how can a school win a grammy?

Kid: I have no idea.
by glenbrook south person February 02, 2011
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A high school that resides in Glenview, Illinois. Rivals of it are Glenbrook North Spartans and Loyola Ramblers. The mascot of the school is Tommy the Titan. Glenbrook South honestly has some utterly horrible sports teams besides swimming, track, and lax. Lax bros are not uncommon.

Kids are very diverse..there's a club for EVERYTHING. You see crazy looking kids and almost everyone is accepted. But you would be lucky to spot a black kid...there is probably a grand total of 3 throughout the whole school.

There's a bunch of really smart bitches and the debate team is great or something. We can kick GBN's ass in almost everything except wrestling. Known for a Grammy-winning music program and kids are allowed to say 'fuck you' to teachers and give them the finger and no consequences would be served. Some fuck up kids smoke weed in the bathrooms. Live's good at GBS
kid 1: glenbrook south suck
kid 2: but at least it kicks glenbrook north trash.
kid 1: gotta agree.
by northbrooksucksforever69 April 23, 2011
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Glenbrook South (GBS) is a high school located in a conservative, Christian, and wealthy suburb north of Chicago, Illinois. The high school is predominantly white and filled with spoiled young adults who live in complete oblivion. Want to have a genuine conversation about current social issues? not going to happen here. Students have absolutely no concept of racism, sexism, classism, or homophobia. For fun, students typically go to the movies, bowling, or aimlessly walk around the Glen. When they are not taking part in these activities they are consuming drugs as an escape mechanism due to the fact that they live in Glenview, a boring American suburb.
"Sup bro? After class lets hit up the glen get blazed eat at potbellys sneak into the movies and watch Mr. Poppers penguins. And when we get out I'll call my friends brothers cousin and see if he can pick us up some Keystones so we can drink in my basement (common Glenbrook South pastimes)."
by kungfooshus November 05, 2011
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