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A Town in northern New Jersey that has some of the nicest homes in America. Our main street: Ridgewood Avenue; has houses that are $800,000 to $3.4 Million and more. Yes, we are almost all white and Catholic, but does not mean that we are all racist. And yes we are rich. Got a problem with that? And no, athletes did not rape a mentally retarted girl. It was sexual assult, NOT RAPE!!!!(I'm not saying that is better). Our high school was ranked number 3rd in the state. We have VERY low crime in our neighborhood. Montlcair kids hate us because of our wealth, and because we like to get good grades. GROW UP MONTCLAIR!!! your town doesn't have any better of a drug problem (Montlcair High School). Yes, we do like to get good grades, because we want good jobs. Good school + good grades= Good job. Good Job= Good Money (good life). We don't have many stores, though we do have Smashburger, Fitzgerald's, Super Scoop, the Arcade, and Mountainside Hospital. We also have an excellent sport team. No, the athelet population is not dying down. So, what is Glen Ridge? Only the nicest, richest, and safest town in Northern New Jersey (other than Franklin Lakes).
by Ridger1234 February 22, 2011

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