Originating from the words "Glamour" and "Backpacking", Glampacking is an adjective used to describe a backpacker with excessive luxuries with them. Use of this term is void if the person cannot fit said items in their pack.
So just because I had a 3 person tent, titanium chair, premium freeze dried food, and a $2,000 sleepsystem I'm "Glampacking?"
by CNDPineapple July 28, 2021
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A glampacker is similar to a regular backpacker, but enjoys to find and use special offers to stay in the most glamorous villas for a similar price as normal hostels.
'Hey, how was your backpacking trip to Indonesia?'
'It was amazing. We found a 3-bedroom villa with private pool and it didn't cost more than a hostel. I think I am kind of a glampacker.'
by Kimjongchill June 2, 2017
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