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A term used for a female (or male in gay terms) who orifices have become a pitri-dish of cultures and bacteria from copious amounts of semen being injected into the receptacle from a number of different donors. This is obviously something an individual would want to avoid prolonged exposure with for self-preservation, disease prevention and consistency of offspring. Most definitely this is not something to spend money on such as buying drinks or buying dinner for the right to donate semen. If a donation must be made, running to cleanse oneself after using showers, soap and mouthwash is always a must.

Synonyms: giz bucket, giz bag

Origin: giz from the Urban dictionary and recepticle from the late Middle English: from Latin receptaculum, from receptare 'receive back', frequentative of recipere
That sorority girl was a real giz-receptacle; she swallowed the loads of three of my friends at a party last Friday.
by Linguistic Pioneer June 12, 2013
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