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Like a Drunk-lie and a Little White Lie, but makes less sense. Told by a girl, not necessarily your girlfriend with the hope that you don't investigate the parts of the lie that fail the logic test. Neither malicious, or mean-spirited and told for no apparent personal gain.

When a girl is caught in a Girl-lie she may:
Explode into tears.
Tell even more lies that make even less sense.
Compare you to an old boyfriend or a family member that used to be like you.
Fly into a rage, trying to tie together:
Her dissatisfaction with her job.
Something her therapist told her.
Something about her period.
Or something you did that you don't remember that was never mentioned until now.
I caught her in a Girl-lie about her dinner last night then she started to spin out of control, called me a Nazi and cried uncontrollably, like it's my fault she lied.
by cwilly3 December 10, 2009
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