(noun) Any transgression, of varying degree, perpetrated by one female or group of females against another.
"There's been some girl-on-girl crime here."
-Ms. Norbury, in the 2004 film 'Mean Girls', reacting to a high school culture in which cliques, rumormongering and deceit have fractured the female population.
by Liberator Lickpenny October 16, 2015
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Someone whose brief moment of celebrity is over.
Chris: Hey, what's the "cash me outside" girl doing these days?
Pat: Who knows? She's had her 15 minutes.
Chris: Hmm. From it girl to shit girl.
by Pelican Man April 28, 2017
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" it " girl.-

The world goes around this girl.
This girl..is that one boys world.

He likes her. And, if he treats her good...
She'll be his " it " girl.
John - Emily's my crush...I can't go a day with out thinking about her.. 24/7.
Danny - so she's your " it " girl.

John - yeah!
by noneofyourbizz44 October 27, 2011
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A Phrase used After Yeah Boy Mainly If You think Its Cliched And annoying.
John- Haha Yeah Boy
You - No Girl.
by GemmaaaOox August 20, 2008
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main charictor millie.a was married to emily.k and is a main charactor on a tv show called 'the girls' in 1954. carried on for 2 years then ended as its time slot got replaced and was said to be inapropriot to be on at that time of day is it was about two women lovers and was not approved of.

emily (short, brunette,funny) and millie (tall,blond,clever) were madly in love and started as best friends who both enjoyed sleepovers and often went to them, which is how they discovered their love.
the girls
'emily: how i love the millie so though she may be like the sex of i. '
'millie: thou shall not fear my love as the is not far from loves perrow'
by historianblogger October 19, 2011
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an anime about a boy who is revive back as a girl after being hit by an alien spaceship
alien spaceship hits a boy but revive him back as a girl

girl meets girl
by hazumu August 11, 2011
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