The club for girls age 5-17 that teaches them people skills, real life skills, and money hounding skills. You can identify them by the shiny buttons and hand-sew patches on their vest or sash. Or you can look outside of a local grocery store for the munchkin asking (polietly, taught by her leader!) "would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?".
Would you like to try some girl scout cookies? 70% of the money goes directly to the troop. 20% to the council, and 10% to the baker.

And they are good!
by Cheryce October 27, 2006
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An insult, generated towards people acting like girls, or just generally being gay.
Friend #1) I think im going to go run 10-12 miles I'll talk to you guys later.

Friend #2) Fine you fucking Girlscout.
by Zsquared August 11, 2004
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1. A youth program for girls (female equivalent to the Boy Scouts) that works to teach them life skills and how to sell cookies.

2. Slang for lesbian.
I bought 23 boxes of cookies from a girl scout.

Man, all the hot women are girl scouts.
by drogulus January 25, 2007
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Young prudy girls who are taught "life skills" by elderly lesbian women and enjoy it until they become 18 years of age when they realize what they've gotten themselves into.
Guy 1: what's wrong with her?
Guy 2: oh she just realized she's been hanging out with girls that want to get with her.
Guy 1: How'd that happen?
Guy 2: She's a Girl Scout.
Guy 1: oh okay
by hahahaaaaaa September 14, 2007
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