Young prudy girls who are taught "life skills" by elderly lesbian women and enjoy it until they become 18 years of age when they realize what they've gotten themselves into.
Guy 1: what's wrong with her?
Guy 2: oh she just realized she's been hanging out with girls that want to get with her.
Guy 1: How'd that happen?
Guy 2: She's a Girl Scout.
Guy 1: oh okay
by hahahaaaaaa September 14, 2007
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The act in which a sober male takes advantage of an intoxicated female under the influence of alcohol.
Bob- "So was Dave at the party?"
John- "Yeah, he was only there to girlscout though"
by Shane B. August 11, 2006
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Girl that pretend to sell cookies when they are really being prostitutes. People pay to have sex with her when they come to their door.
GS: Hello? I'm a girl scout. Want some "cookies"?
Guy: Oh sure? How much for $10?
GS: Oh don't worry, enough to please you....
*Two engage in sex for more than 2 hours*
by girlscoutsex April 26, 2010
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A race of slimey, smelly blob creatures from a distanct planet called Drog whom take the form of an adolescent/preteen girls to sell stale and poisoned cookies to the human population in an attempt to take over the world.
The cookies are made by slaves - the human girls they had abducted and replaced.
"Would you like to buy a box of yummy girl scout cookies?"
by ChrisTbk August 03, 2005
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A nickname that is given to an individual (male or female) that is commonly known as being a "tag-a-long". He/She is infamous for inviting themselves to various occasions.
"OMG i didnt want her to come to the mall with us today! did anyone even invite her? shes such a girl scout!"
by xtinab May 16, 2010
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To pull on the clitoral hood during cunnilingus, making a tent for the clitoris
by montynet August 23, 2007
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