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Another popular yaoi pairing in Hetalia concerning Greece (in Japanese, Girisha) and Japan, also implying, since his name or fragment of his name comes first, that Greece is "seme". It;s heavily hinted that they're in a relationship, due to their similar interests (mostly cats) and how much time they spend together. Turkey and Greece, who are normally at one another's throats, seem to come off as MORE unfriendly whenever Japan is around ,therefore placing the three in a "love triangle". Also, Japan came in last on the sex frequency poll, and Greece, having come in first, decided to "help him out". They woke up in bed together claiming that it was "just a dream".
1: Hey, did you read that GiriPan fic that was just posted?
2: The one about the stray kitten? Yeah, I loved it!
1: GiriPan is so cute, isn't it?
2: Yeah, it;s practically canon!
by Person_Woman August 24, 2010
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