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These are the 2 best names in the world! they are cooler than any other name in the world! that includes u!! its means they are HOT!!!, KOOL!, and are fun to be with even if jono doesnt think so!! PPL WIF THESE NAMES ARE THE BEST THINGS SINCE LUCKY STARS =)
check out those dimes their names must be ginny and katie!

jono:man did u hear about those awesome chicks on friday night?
callan: nah man i didnt, wat were their names and what did they do?
Jono: ginny and katie of course! and man they rocked my world!!!
by Ginny the dime macca December 01, 2004
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2 super-cool girls who play for hockey for the Rebels and belong to the FCC.
Those two chicks are a ginny and katie all the way.
by andrea March 19, 2005
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